Corrosion of corners is a thing of the past

Corroded plaster corners are one of the most common complaints about these products. Contractors buying steel corners were concerned that the corners they would use on site would not rust. Since Metpol launched MAGNELIS® coated corners, contractors can breathe a sigh of relief.

2013 was a landmark year for all plasterers. At that time, products with the anti-corrosion coating MAGNELIS® were launched. Since then, we have seen a significant reduction in complaints about rusting corners. As a manufacturer of plaster accessories, we can say with certainty that MAGNELIS® coating is second to none in the fight against corrosion.

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Comparative studies

The most reliable test when verifying the corrosion resistance of sheet metal is the salt chamber test. All samples that were zinc-coated withstood a maximum of 96h in the chamber, while the Metpol corner with MAGNELIS® coating showed no signs of corrosion even after 240h. The result that the Metpol corner achieved was 2.5 times higher resistance than the other corners available on the market that took part in the study.

The MAGNELIS® coating contains an admixture of 3.5 per cent aluminium and 3 per cent magnesium. The magnesium admixture is decisive, as it forms a stable and strong coating over the entire surface of the sheet, guaranteeing more effective protection against corrosion than other coatings.